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After years of writing non-fiction, it is a thrill to produce a book of pure, exciting fiction and launch it here.

The Fatal Path is set in the beautiful city of Sydney, Australia, with twins, murder, intrigue, romance, sport and a powerful psychological undercurrent which leads to a dramatic climax. It will keep you guessing until the final pages. Available now!


Two Global Ebook Awards 2022

… the story sweeps across Australia, the US and England … The action is superbly paced … the timeline swaps between childhood rivalries and secrets, disputed stories and manipulative adult relationships … ripe for a TV series.

“Great thriller, plenty of suspense, twists and turns …well written.”

A gripping read throughout. The characters were intriguing and believable and you could feel empathetic for them. It had me turning the pages. Keep them coming.

SARAH THORNTON (bestselling author of Australian crime)
“Layered and twisting, The Fatal Path will lead you to a shocking truth.”

Shirley LaPlance The Fatal Path

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