Shirley LaPlanche

journalist / photographer / author

My writings

I’ve had the advantage of living at a time when travel has been relatively safe and affordable: when transport has gone from a long sea or land journey to a much quicker flight. For years I have earned a living writing about my nomadic experiences and below are a few of my favourites.

Write Way to Go

Join me on a literary pilgrimage highlighting how cotton barons, slavery, a Civil War and the Civil Rights movement produced material for great stories and writers across the Southern States of America.


The Great Barrier Reef is nature at its spectacular best.

An unforgettable journey beneath the sea.

The Tree That Time Forgot

When the Wollemi Pine was discovered in the Blue Mountains it stunned botanists throughout the world. The plant genus dates back to the age of the dinosaurs.

Mind the Sand Trap

The longest golf course in the world spans 1,365km across the south coast of Australia, crossing the Nullarbor Plain and two states. Come play it with me.

Gone to the Dogs

Mushing dogs in Yukon is a tricky skill and the famous Yukon Quest is a grueling race.

Stepping Lightly on Australia

Review by The Canberra Chronicle. The ideal book for anyone wanting to escape the crowd, big resorts and expensive accommodation. A detailed guide to the natural and most beautiful parts of Australia.